Reptiles for Sale and reptile supplies in Shakopee, MN

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1 and a half year old male super pastel ball python. 40 gallon cage included.
Looking to rehome my male Cinny ball python. He s super great hasn t bit and eats really well (he hasn t refused a meal yet). He feeds on both live and f t he currently is eating frozen thawed adult mice. He s still pretty young he hatched late . As much as I love this guy he s just not the kind of pet i need in my household right now while I am in college.I bought him for without any supplies....
Name OliveBreed Red FootedAge AdultGender FemaleOlive is a - year old Red Footed Tortoise and cute as a button We believe Olive is a female but gendering tortoises can be difficult until they reach full maturity so female is our best guess. Olive is a wonderful low key and unique pet. She is being re-homed due to space constraints of her current owner so please keep in mind tortoises require ha...
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