23-Jun-2018Minneapolis, MN(19 miles)Items Wanted
I'm looking for a light, compact cook set for camping/backpacking. Ideally something that includes some kind of pot and some kind of saute pan. I've been looking to purchase one, but they're so pricy new! I know some folks probably use theirs once in a blue moon so I'd be open to borrow one or pay for a used one. Thanks!
22-Jun-2018Minneapolis, MN(19 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for any Plat books that you may want to be rid of. Thanks!
21-Jun-2018Minneapolis, MN(19 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for a working DVD or DVD/bu-ray player. I work at a group home and am currently trying to make updates to the home. Thank you.
20-Jun-2018Carver, MN(12 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a Queen size bed for a GROWING boy
20-Jun-2018Minneapolis, MN(19 miles)Items Wanted
Hi there, looking for a ride along bike trailer for my 2 month old son. Thanks for reading :)
19-Jun-2018Minneapolis, MN(19 miles)Items Wanted
New to ham radio, looking for a HF radio to learn on.
19-Jun-2018Minneapolis, MN(19 miles)Items Wanted
Have some musical instruments in your back closet or attic collecting dust? Maybe they just need new strings or a little TLC... I am a music teacher that would love being able to show my students examples of instruments (even if they don't work!) to broaden their perspective and give them more opportunities that many of them won't ever have.
19-Jun-2018Minneapolis, MN(19 miles)Items Wanted
Hi! Looking for a gas/propane grill. Just bought a house last year and our little camping charcoal grill is too small! Let me know if you have one you are willing to give away. Thanks!
19-Jun-2018Minneapolis, MN(19 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a foldable double stroller with sit-stand option for our toddler and one year old. It needs to be able to be fold small enough to fit in the trunk of a Camry. The stroller needs to be from a smoke-free home
19-Jun-2018Minneapolis, MN(19 miles)Items Wanted
Hello, I am looking for old picture frames. Thanks
18-Jun-2018Minneapolis, MN(19 miles)Items Wanted
I want to take my family to a Guthrie show and have one Chinook Book coupon for a 2-4-1 ticket to a Tuesday or Wednesday show. Hoping to get another ticket from someone who won t use theirs so that all four of us can go. Will drive anywhere within 20 minutes of SW Mpls to pick up. Thanks!
18-Jun-2018Minneapolis, MN(19 miles)Items Wanted
Hi! Looking for a filing cabinet to organize personal files. Something on the larger end and wood would be great but not necessary. Looking for some bookshelves as well. Open to any size! Thanks!
17-Jun-2018Minneapolis, MN(19 miles)Items Wanted
Hey everyone! My daughter and I finally got our own place and we are slowly piecing together furniture, however two things I haven't managed to get are a bedframe/headboard for my bed, or a dresser for my room. If you have either and are willing to part with them, please let me know! Thank You !
15-Jun-2018Minneapolis, MN(19 miles)Items Wanted
Works with windows 10?
15-Jun-2018Minneapolis, MN(19 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for bunk beds. Preferably twin over twin or a triple twin bunk bed. Or a bunk bed with a trundle bed!
13-Jun-2018Minneapolis, MN(19 miles)Items Wanted
Hi All, Doing some landscaping work this week. Wondering if anyone has extra mulch bags they won't be using. Looking for a standard brown color. Thanks!
12-Jun-2018Minneapolis, MN(19 miles)Items Wanted
Seeking operable white dishwasher.
12-Jun-2018Minneapolis, MN(19 miles)Items Wanted
White in color
11-Jun-2018Minneapolis, MN(19 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for a MagicJack if anybody has one that they're no longer using please get ahold of me thank you in advance
11-Jun-2018Minneapolis, MN(19 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for a MagicJack if anybody's got one that they're not using if you could please get ahold of me that would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance
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